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Aliases City of Two Rivers
City of Three Towers
Size Large Town
Location Sachrunin, Vatharond
Ruler Town Council
Population 3,620
Exports ?

Lawbunnen, the City of Two Rivers or the City of Three Towers is a city in Sachrunin, Vatharond. It is located in the western Vatharond, in close proximity to the unsettling Arianna Forest. The town was one of the first to declare its independence from traditional rule, replacing its hereditary ruler with a town council in a bloodless coup.

It is a major commercial and cultural center of the region and an important riverport situated on the Brotherhood River and the Zeremon River. It is the largest city in the Rothirschtal region and the second largest city in Sachrunin behind Zuffels.

Lawbunnen's impovershed population has grown in recent years with the merchant getting richer and the yeoman getting poorer. Crime has esculated and murder is at a high.


Midgardian Invasion

Church rule


  • A cathedral with a remarkable organ.
  • Lawbunnen Castle
  • 400 foot tall tower
  • The Wooden Tower
  • A third tower
  • The Sun Stone

Notable Inhabitants

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