Lavina Fontaña

Lavina Fontaña is the mother of Andreu es'Orñelos-Fontaña. She was a talented musician in her youth and fell in love with the suave Tadeo es'Orñelos. After Andreu was born, Lavina wished to be married to Tadeo, who at the time was married to his second wife Elionor es'Miralles.

In 1355, Tadeo told Lavina that he would marry her if she competed in that year's Breaching Festival. She joined and competed, even making it into the Hall of Wards, but never came out.

Years later, in 1373, Andreu took part in the Breaching Festival and discovered the competition's terrifying secret; that entering the Hall of Wards sent one into the hellish demi-plane called Belzeragna. After countless years of ageless suffering, she was rescued by her son and returned to Los Torres.

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