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Aliases The Crossroads City
The Learned City
Size Small City
Location Metia, Elevegeri,
Ruler ?
Population 4,300
Exports ?


Svesh Arytiss Dragonborn Leader of the Way of the Petal

The Rightful Soldiers of Legion and the Okos Grotto; Headquartered in Laurus, the Crossroads City.

Symbol is the Red Ram.; Large bank run by the Knights Merchant; 12 gates; huge cathedral (basilica) - once seat of heirophant; strong walls; large university, specializing in law studies and medicine (large botanical garden for herbology); free tuition is available but there is a test to get in; locals are considered more educated than normal populations; many independent tutors and street professors; seven feuding noble families; super tall wizard's tower, flanked by smaller towers; antiques dealing and black market for magic items; large prominent monastery on a hill just outside the city; the bank buliding is HUGE, and very tall; horse breeders; mostly female population and mostly adult, not a children city; small kidan population; historically famous for piano composers; lots of fatty local food and a local sauce for pasta; free public transport; notable theater; music festivals; local style of music played entirely by bells

connection to the titan Aries.

Nearby Shi'imti ziggurat. Halls of Wrath


militia civil war

major city of religion, once seat of heirophant

attack within last 100 years

Seven Great Families of Laurus

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