Las Ama
map or seal
Las Ama
Aliases City of Evil
Size Large City
Location Salvatore
Ruler ?
Population 12,200
Exports ?

Las Ama is a city located in central Salvatore, Ilefain.

built around a great fortress "Fortress of Five Dragons"; a center for healing; the Dark Quarter, a section of the city for dark men with dark hearts; living statues; Tower of Ice; mosaics in the streets; Palace of Music; fortress, city patron is a magical horse, notable fashion style, city colors are gold and red, university of law, large cathedral on an acropolis (now repurposed into Salvatorian religion), Melted castle, many noble estates and palaces all luxurious and archetectually distinct, celestial observatory, airship mooring tower, archmage tower, Castle of Three Dragons, cable car transportation system, magic water fountain, black mage towers, historical fight with a large group of griffins in the city,, city gates are actually a fortress,

lots of nobility, lots of counts.

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