Lancer Rathshead
Lancer Rathshead
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1328
Home Alexandria
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Venture-Captain
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black (greying)
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation Venture-Captain
Wizard Circle Order of the Wandering Torch
Loyalty Compass Society

Lancer Rathshead (ra-SHEED) is the curator of the Alexandrian Museum of Exotic Lands and also a Venture-Captain of the Compass Society. He was a notable explorer in his youth and wishes to bring about the same adventurous spirit in others. He is often the patron of many adventuring parties and a lover of tales and intrigue.

He makes it a point to meet and befriend the many mover and shakers of Alexandria, regardless of reputation, including High City Marshal Charlize Hitchen.


Venture Captain

Became Venture Captain of the Alexandria Lodge is 1369 NS. Replacing Daso Blackwater.

Dark Night 1377

The museum was visited by Felix Richter, Andreu es'Ornelos, Nikki Floren, Tik the Gnollslayer and the wizard Tempest. Rathshead had heard of their recent escapades and greeted them. They asked him for a map to the Old Door in the Walled Hills. Rathshead found a map commissioned in 1365 and had an acolyte copy it. He asked for their tale and they gave it (sparing a few details).


Being a prominent member of society, Rathshead is not without rumor and controversy. He has made many enemies who wish to slander his name, but he has also made many morally dubious choices to get to where he is today. Rumors about him are equal in chance of being true as being false.

  • garnet-xvii is likely to give a noble title to Rathshead any time soon. This rumor has been floating around for many years, leading Lancer to dismiss them with a smile.
  • Rathshead and High City Marshal Hitchen have had many romantic entanglements.
  • The foreign artifacts of the Museum are fruits of smuggling, extortion and, moreover, massacres of entire villages.
  • After years of gambling, Rathshead has a massive debt to many parties, including the Red Rose.
  • He has had an illegitimate son with the Lady Joan Edwards of the House of Edwards.
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