Lámhláidir, the Lone Warrior, is an archfey, a a member of the Cianna and the consort to Tedhárín the Shield Bearer. Commonly portrayed as either male or female, the elves of Tir'Ein refer to him as Llamleidr, or sometimes by the name of his avatar, Braichres Wolfrider. Lámhláidir forged the elven artifact Pierces the Night from a bolt of lightning and has bestowed the spear to many mythical heroes deserving of the gift, such as the elf hero Rhon Fos Fehl.

Lámhláidir once visited the world in the form of an elven spear-maiden named Braichres Wolfrider and become the consort of the legendary Tegtarian. After Tegtarian sacrificed himself to save Braichres from a cold iron blade, she granted him the status of an archfey and they ascended into the Twilithe together.


The Forging of Pierces the Night

Braichres Wolfrider and Gwyndoeth

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