Lamcart is a holiday celebrated on the first of Florven. It began as an Einish holiday, but spread throughout Nora during the first years of the Age of Knowledge. It is around this time of year that the birds begin to build their nests and mate. On this day boys and girls gather vernal flowers and sing together.

Unmarried girls dress in simple white clothing (so that rich could not be distinguished from poor) and go out to sing and dance in the town square and the young men who had not yet married would go to watch and choose among them for themselves.

Maidens collect the snow that still lies on the ground in many villages and then melt it, using the water in magic potions throughout the rest of the year. Those who take part in Lamcart customs are supposed to be protected from illness, especially fevers, for the rest of the year. If the weather allows, girls and boys pick snowdrops or other early spring plants for the person they are courting.

Villages hold archery and stone-throwing contests, ranchers rope and trade calves and lambs. Cider is served cold during the day and hot at night.

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