Lake Isgithyr
Lake Isgithyr

Lake Isgithyr was a lake found in the Kingdom of Wynfall during the Age of Kings. Owlhold was located on its southern shores. Its waters flowed from north east to south west.

It was 112 sq miles in area; fourteen miles long and eight miles wide. It was very shallow around the margins and the average depth in the main body of the lake was about thirty feet, although at its deepest the lake was about 50 feet deep.

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Working boats on Lake Isgithyr include wide-beamed clinker-built, sprit-rigged working boats and smaller flat-bottomed "cots" and "flats". Barges, here called "lighters", were used to transport goods. Log boats were the main means of transport.

Eel fishing has been a major industry in Lake Isgithyr. These eels make their way from the Serpent Sea. They remain there for some ten to fifteen years, maturing, before returning to the Sea to spawn.

Isgithyr eel
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