Kyrkogrim Candle

The Kyrkogrim Candle is a magical item giver to Merrium Kraemer as a gift from Dreki, the Spirit of Fire. When the candle is lit, the flame assumes the shape of a mastiff. If the flame is given a command, the mastiff, called the Kyrkogrim, leaps out of the candle and follows the command to the best of his ability.

It can only be lit at night, during the day the Kyrkogrim sleeps. That candle does not function in the hands of evil.

The Kyrkogrim

Also known as the Hound of Hell, the Kyrkogrim is an incorporeal black mastiff wreathed in flame that does not burn. Despite its appearance and title, the Kyrkogrim is a creature of good nature and an enemy of evil. It loves being on church ground and enjoys ringing church bells.

Whenever the Kyrkogrim is present, the area is considered Consecrated and it has a permanent Magic Circle Against Evil around it. Its scent is legendary and can sniff out any person. It communicates through empathy with the person holding the candle.

It can manifest physically, but only as an immobile fire that never quells, nor spreads.

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