Kyrie Greenroth
Kyrie Greenroth
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1349 NS
Date of Death
1369 NS
Home Castelli
Alias(es) Kestrel
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
House / Clan House of Greenroth (formerly)
Family Members Karwick (husband)
Lina Somnius (daughter)
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

Kyrie Greenroth is the wife of Karwick.


Early life

Kyrie was born to the noble House of Greenroth, but she never felt satisfied with the noble life. She always yearned for adventure and danger. She was considered a black sheep in the family. All attempts to control her behavior were foiled.

When she was 15, she began to moonlight as the alias Kestrel. She went to cheap taverns, gambled, fought and got into trouble of all kinds.

Life with Karwick

Kyrie met Karwick in 1366 while. They hit it off immediately. However, her brother soon learned she was seeing a low-born adventurer and attempted to keep them apart. Karwick responded by playing magical pranks on her brother, to Kyrie's amusement. However, when her father learned of the relationship, he forbade her from seeing Karwick and arranged for her to move outside of the city to marry another suitor. Karwick intercepted Kyrie as she was being transported out of the city and rescued her. Her family did not seek to reclaim her and has since been officially disowned. Kyrie's brother, however, has not forgotten.

Karwick purchased a small house in Alexandria and moved Kyrie in.

After Karwick returned from his adventures in the Hidden Shrine of Camazotz, he asked her to marry him, to which she enthusiastically accepted.

Karwick and Kyrie sold their house in Alexandria and moved to Castelli, Canstice.

spell research also dream research. Kyrie is showing magical talent and may seek out dream entities to form a pact.

Karwick chooses Death and Rogue. Kyrie pacts.

gives birth to daughter. Lina Somnius

Appearance and personality

Powers and abilities

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