Kylie the Just
Kylie the Just
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1341 NS
Home Tir-Shirak
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation Master of Abjuration
Loyalty Council of Nine

"I don't appreciate ambiguity."
—Kylie the Just

Kylie Goodworker, known better as Kylie the Just, is the current Master of Abjuration and a member of the Council of Nine.


Early Years

She was born the daughter of a blacksmith. She saw her ability as a sorcerer early and ran away from her home to indenture herself to a master arcanist. The master was an evil man who used her for evil ends. It was the worst years of her life, but she would not leave out of stubbornness, quest for power, resentment of her family and fear of her master.

Temple Life

When she was fifteen, her master was devoured by a summoned devil who then took her hostage and treated her to endless torture for several weeks before a troupe of clerics rescued her. She was taken in by them and lived with the temple for two years without speaking a word, spending her time in the library studying and copying texts. The abbot of the temple finally began to connect with the troubled youth after discovering her sorcerous talent. With her request, she was trained as a templar to help defend the temple and to aid in holy quests of the Church of Light.

Master of Abjuration

Afterwards, Kylie began living in the lowest level of Holy Seicania, even though she was able to ascend to the top layer on her spiritual journey. Her home, Tir-Shirak, the Twisting Citadel, is a stark white fortress of remarkable size. Housing many celestials as well as petitioners. Her personal lieutenant, Illumnio (a trumpet archon), manages the citadel while she is off on her many errands.

Life in Alexandria

After the disjunction of Tenser, Kylie moved to Alexandria in order to take over his estate and responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is the fostering of the young Layer.

Once settled in Alexandria, Kylie began an operation to help the unfortunates by helping them find shelter and honest work. She would also, in her free time, wander the city in disguise, baiting ruffians and helping the innocent.

Appearance and Personality

Kylie is fair skinned and golden haired. She is not tall, but very firm in body. She usually dresses in her Holy Dreadnaught breastplate when on official business, but when at home and at rest she dresses in simple unadorned dresses fit more for a poor priest than for a servant of the heavens. She prefers her hair up and wears it so privately, but believes she is more impressive with her hair down, flowing to her shoulders.

Kylie is straight forward and blunt with her speech and ideas. She thinks globally and acts globally, usually opting for the greater good in her dealings. Her greatest soft spot is for orphaned children.





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Kieran Book

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The current head of the Alexandria branch of Black Mages.

Skye the Lioness

A young apprentice from the orphanage.

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