location in seruzhar
Capital Arbatas
Largest City Arbatas
Ruling Faction ?
Demonym Kuzuli
Formation ?
Area ?
Population Humans, mutants
Common Languages ?

Kuzul is a mountainous region of Seruzhar. It is the source of the irradiated Ölijoli River.

Cities are few and far between. The major political powers are the ashrams, warring factions of psionic warrior monks. The most powerful warriors of which bond with intelligent aberrant grafts.

The most powerful daelkyr in the region is a wandering cloaked figure who resembles a gravedigger. The creature travels from village to village, killing and re-animating corpses to use as undead slaves. The creature seems to have no desire to rule over the land, but merely carries on its own mysterious dark purpose.

Table of Contents


  • Arbatas: ancient city of sorcerers. The city fights the star spawn and the daelkyr masters for independence.
  • Twin cities of sin and carnal lust


Each ashram houses an order of psionic monks. Some are aligned with the daelkyr, others oppose them. None shy away from using teka or symbiote grafts.


  • several mysterious gates that all lead to another mysterious planet
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