A mounted and barded
rounsey krinfyra.

A krinfyra, or krin, is a large, flightless herbivorous bird native to Vatharond capable of being ridden. It usually has yellow, blue or purple plumage, long legs and the ability to run as fast as horses. They are occasionally used as lightly armored war mounts. In such cases they can assist their riders with their strong sturdy beak and claws. Overall, the species is a very versatile and useful bird.

Although too small to allow flight, the krinfyra's wings assist in keeping balance and also function as a type of brake.

It lives in nomadic groups which contain between five and 50 birds. When threatened, the krinfyra will either hide itself by lying flat against the ground, or will run away. If cornered, it can cause serious harm. It is capable of traversing more difficult terrain than horses, such as steep hills, broken, rocky ground and even wetlands.

The krinfyra is farmed across Nora, particularly for its bright colored feathers and as a symbol for Vatharond. Its skin is used for leather and its meat as a common vathroni dish.


Humans have raised krinfyra for use in farming, hunting, and general labor since before recorded history.

But once the practice of riding bareback was civilized with the invention of reins and saddles, the number of people using krinfyra mounts suddenly soared. Merchants now preferred krinfyra for long, overland journeys, and the military adopted the birds for use in highly mobile cavalry units. People began selective breeding programs as the krinfyra craze spread to every corner of Vatharond.



These knightly mounts were bred in Erdrafos. They underwent training that allowed them to bear the weight of heavy armor and withstand the shock of cavalry charges. Destriers were characterized by their large, jet-black bodies and thick, powerful legs. With the decline of lance combat and improvements to ranged weaponry, destriers lost their place in battle to the faster renners. These days, there are no remaining purebred destriers, but it is possible to see their proud bloodlines occasionally reemerge in the birth of rare, black krinfyra.


The renner is a larger-than-average krinfyra and is the most common breed found in the Kingdom of Westencairn. They are characterized by their streamlined bodies, and long, graceful legs. They were originally bred for scouting duties, but their adoption into the military was accompanied by a general acceptance of the renner as an everyday mount. On extremely rare occasions, a red-colored renner will be born.


The mid-sized zelters were bred to withstand the searing air and blazing heat of the desert. They are mainly raised in gothsend. With a relatively gentle demeanor, these krinfyra are suited for those with who lack advanced riding skills. Zelters are known to come in both blue and yellow.


This breed of krinfyra has been magically reduced in size. They have short legs when compared to other breeds, but jennets are capable of maintaining a rapid pace. There are some jennets that can be found in a shade of green.


Sachrunin boasts more frequent use of krinfyra than any other nation. The main type of krinfyra to be found in the duchy is the mid-sized rounsey. The pride of various breeders, the rounsey is the result of a lengthy breeding program involving wild krinfyra. This program has produced a robust mount of somewhat unpredictable temperament that is suited for long, punishing treks.

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