Knights of the Raven
Lady Julia Vey Rallen, Knight of the Raven

“The raven is a symbol. A symbol of virtue, of light in the darkness, of life and vitality in the face of death.” - Lady Vey Rallen, Knight of the Raven

The Knights of the Raven are a militant holy order dedicated to Damien. Once prosperous, they are now practically extinct. One knight of the raven yet lingers as a benign spirit in the halls of Castle Darkspire, while rumors persist in Piros Barl that at least one knight still hides in the Vin-Roshu Hills.

The Knights of the Raven are a righteous remnant—a tiny number of holy champions. The gift of membership in the order is a great honor. Members don’t hesitate to express that pride, but never let it get in the way of their larger purpose—to stay vigilant against evil, and particularly against the undead, wherever they might plague the land.

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