Knights of Sephiroth

The Holy and Most Perfect Knights Emanation Clad in Platinum, Draped in Silk and Gilded in Orium (Celestial: Qevdesh Vhemveshelm Beyvetr Abeyrey Spִyervֹt Belbevsh Bepletyenvem, 'etevp Bemshey Vemvezheb Benhevshet Her), also known as the Knights of Sephiroth and the Platinum Knights, are an interplanar holy order of knights dedicated to the preservation of lawful goodness throughout existence. They are an elite police force looking to ensure the peace.

The Knights derive their name and their code of behavior from the Sephiroth, the 10 attributes through which the essence of divinity reveals itself and continuously creates both the physical and metaphysical planes.

Table of Contents

Known Members

  • Male human
  • Female eladrin
  • Male musteval
  • Female axiomite
  • Male shaitan genie
  • Male witchwyrd
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