Klann Veranix
Klann Veranix
Coat of Arms ?
Seat Stone Tooth
Hauptlord Durgeddin Veranix
Region Untergrund
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord ?
Families ?
Ancestral Weapon Rache (urgrosh)
Founder ?

Klann Veranix is an unterian clan of dwarves. The clan of the famous dwarven smith Durgeddin Veranix.

Dwarfs were buried with little funerary wealth; Durgeddin’s folk believed in honoring their dead with stone, not gold. They still hold onto a form of ancestor worship.


Forging the Furysteel blades

Durgeddin Veranix, clanfather of Klann Veranix, was a fierce enemy of all orcs, ogres and oni. During his life, he forged a series of dwarvencraft blades for the sole purpose of the righteous vengeance against these monsters. The are known as the Furysteel Blades. Although the exact number of weapons forged is unknown, there are a few recorded weapons from the Forge of Fury:

  • Rache, the magical urgrosh which serves as the ancestral weapon of the klann
  • Sturmgrimm, a magical longsword
  • a handaxe
  • a warhammer

There is also a mythical battle axe named Bösartig (Vicious) which was forged before all the others. This battleaxe was said to be cursed.

Fall of the clan

In 1280 NS, one year after the mist appeared in Nora, a great army of Oni marched on the clanhold. In a hard-fought siege lasting months, the oni tunneled around the dwarven defenses and stormed the clanhold, putting all within to the sword. The monsters abandoned the forge, disappearing as mysteriously into the mist as they came carrying the treasures of the forge with them.

In the years since the great battle, various oni bands have occupied the clanhold and used it as a base for their raids on the local area. At other times, the caverns have lain empty except for the mindless and bloodthirsty monsters that haunt such places. Today legends of Durgeddin’s Vengeance, the Smith’s War, and the extraordinary blades he forged in anger still surface from time to time in the lands near the Stone Tooth.

Dragon troubles

1360 NS saw one of the eggs of Nightscale stolen by the Sourscale tribe of kobolds, under the influence of their mad shaman. The other eggs were smashed. This egg was traded with other tribes until in found itself in the Caer Teithio, where Caloxyus hatched from it. Nightscale retains a burning hatred for all kobolds.

Durgeddin’s Vengeance

see Tales from the Drunken Druid

1365 NS


Eldaklann family

Rossel families

Handwerker families

Notable members

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