Klann Schwarzhaar
Klann Schwarzhaar
Coat of Arms ?
Seat Keiligtum
Hauptlord Hrodrigar Schwarzhaar
Region Dichtstrasse
Title(s) ?
Heir Thiudorieks Schwarzhaar
Overlord ?
Families ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder ?

Klann Schwarzhaar was a lost dwarven clan once a part of Untergrund. Before the founding of the human kingdom Otland, Klann Schwarzhaar was a very minor clan, though they were able to trace their heritage back to the days of Steinkaiser Eisen. Due to gaining much wealth and prestige by trading with surfacers, they gained prominence and rose to be one of the major clans of the reich. Their duties within the reich included guarding and patrol all the lands that did not belong to any other clan, including the surface. They protected Untergrund against threats from the surface, particularly any potential surfacer invaders.

During the Konige period, Klann Schwarzhaar swore fealty to the Nordkonig.

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