Klann Eisenherz
Klann Eisenherz
Coat of Arms ?
Words ?
Seat ?
Current Patron Ragni Eisenherz
Region Taurania
Title(s) ?
Heir Hulo Eisenherz
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Kräcker (maul)
Founder ?

Klann Eisenherz is a clan of dwarves found in the Farolas Hills.

The clan is best known as masons around Ilefain and as the best builders of bridges and dams.

Hearth-Home is built in a split fashion, with two citadels at two ends of a huge mountain bridge. A big dwarven fortresses spanning a big bridge across a gorge.



Eisenherz Family

  • Durgan Eisenherz (878 - 1290 NS)
  • Burgrim Eisenherz
    • Lyse Eisenherz (f)
    • Hariman Eisenherz
      • Hluodowig Eisenherz
        • Wigandus Eisenherz
        • Wighelmus Eisenherz
      • Hrodulf Eisenherz
        • Waldhar Eisenherz
        • Waldomar Eisenherz

Ule Family

Historical members

  • Gargin the Mad
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