Klann Dracheblut
Klann Dracheblut
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Klann Dracheblut (Dragonblood) is a clan of dwarves. Their clanhold is located in the Little Mountains of Brehr.


All dwarves bore into the earth to make their homes, but few dig as deep as the ancient Klann Dracheblut. Particularly fond of using dormant volcanoes as the entrances to their homes, these dwarves followed volcanic trails and tunnels in search of greater access to the world's depths. Unfortunately, this led to a horrific encounter with a nest of red dragons. Outraged at the intrusion, the greedy dragons enslaved the entire clan of dwarves. Instead of mining gold and gems for the love of beauty and creation, the dwarves now labored for the dragons.

Over time, the dwarves of Klann Dracheblut began to take on certain aspects that differentiated them from others of their kind. No one knows if this was due to interbreeding with dragons, natural mutation, or a magical effect. The result, however, is an offshoot of the dwarf race singularly adapted to high temperatures—and to battling dragonkind.

Klann Dracheblut long ago won its freedom, but hatred of red dragons (and by extension, evil dragons in general) still burns in their souls. Dracheblut dwarves appear much the same as standard dwarves but have dark, red-brown skin. Most are bald; their close proximity to the flames deep beneath their volcanic homes tends to burn excess hair away.

58 PI - Klann Dracheblut settles in the Little Mountains.


Greenviper Quarry is one of the only areas one may find the metal orium. Orium dragons guard this with a pact of non-action with the dwarves of the Little Mountains.

The town of Vylet is a human settlement in name only. Only two miles away in the mountains lies the clanhold of Klann Dracheblut of dwarves. This clan, while settled away from the Wyrmspires, still holds allegiance to the Kaiser of Untergrund. However, the young Clanfather Dunkel Starkeherz seems to be increasingly unconcerned of the edicts that come from the east. The Starkeherz family is strong in dragonblood and they grow bold, soon to find themselves on the edge of revolution from Untergrund's hold.

Notable members

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