Deunym Kirian
Home Realm Gardenia
Holy Symbol a shining star
Portfolio Light, Life, Kindness
Worshipers _
Notable Temples Sanctuary of Light
Colors White and Gold
Exarchs Solea Splendis

Kira, called Ôstara by the dwarves, and Brig by the elves, is one of the most important and enigmatic deities. Kira is known as the god of light, life and kindness. In association, she is also seen as the patron of those who travel into unknown places, bringing the light of knowledge to the dark unknown. She assists ship builders and gave navigators the first star maps.

Kira is the patron of mothers, family and healers. She protects babies in their cribs and keeps snakes from homes. She invented bread and worshipers often bake loafs of bread in celebration of a birth. She watches over explorers as the trek through the wilderness and brings her blessing to new settlements as they bring new points of light to the darkness of the world. She enjoys seeing new towns and sees them as representations of her stars in the night sky.

Kira is also a great lover of comedy and those who cause others to laugh. She loves masks and dancing. Musicians, comedians and serving girls often have tattoos of a Kira mask to bring her blessing.

Protector of common laborers, slaves and the downtrodden, she believes happiness should come to all.

Names and Aspects

She is known to dwarves as Ôstara. She is the warmth of the surface and a protector of hares, cats and trees. She is the giver of gold and health. She is a popular deity for female dwarves. She cried gold when sorrowed.

Elves call her Brig. She is seen as a poet and a smith. One side of her face is a crone, the other is a maiden. She keeps safe those who are lost in the night.

Halflings know her as Maman-Bridgette, a drunk foul mouthed joker who escorts you through death.

To the Midgardians, she is Dennir, brother to Aelan.


Kira's Promise

A golden apple was given to rufus-of-the-temple of the Temple in a promise that she would not allow the world to end.


Kira is also known in the last century as the Missing God. How she is missing or why has been a subject of great debate. The last known communion with Kira was ordained by Hierophant Haffry the Anvil in 1290. The subject of the communion is knowledge kept within the church, but no other means, magical or otherwise has been able to reach the deity.

Many people have taken her disappearance as a sign of the coming end times.

However, in 1368, the archmage Ke'Vadar supposedly received a vision from Kira, whereupon she explained to him that he was her son and the vessel of her glory.


Kira is the twin of Shaydis, god of darkness. Their relationship is complex as they are antagonistic to each other, but occasionally work together to solve problems. Kira is the keeper of the Brightstar, the source of all light and warmth. It is from this that Kalabrath drinks to light his fires.

Kira once gave Malym a chance by asking him to dine in her house, but when he slew her daughter for serving him food he disliked, Kira swore to never again look upon the god of misery, denying him light forever.

She has been courted by the other gods, notably Verai Songbird and Urala, but she has turned down all advances, claiming to be married to her followers.

Appearance and Emissaries

Kira is portrayed as a beautiful shining woman who is commonly shown as laughing or smiling. It is said her eyes are so bright they carry the light of the stars within them. She does not shy away from sensuality and is often portrayed nude. She is often portrayed with a rose and a cow as these symbols are holy to her.



  • Athara the Protector of Life
  • Suhaanee, patron of selfless love, redeemer of the vile, true love was a demon, mythical love story, rescuer from drowning, doves and bats, champion of forbidden love, celestial lion companion
  • Jophiel the White, Patron of Knowledge
  • Solea Splendis, mother of mercy
  • Vaagish the First Poet
  • Lygvul the horse master (Sun)





Church of Light

Kirast holy orders

Most Kirast holy orders have been declared heretical by Hierophant Maxem the Mariner

Temples and Shrines

The city of Quatermass is considered holy to Kira's followers.

The Sanctuary of Light in Temple houses the eternal flame of Kira.

Yorik's church still holds Kira in prominence and is one of the last churches to do so.

Holy Texts

The Book of Peace is Kira's main holy text.


Her festival is on the 20th of Kithal.

Solvos is considered kira-centric as it celebrates the rebirth of the year's light.

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