Kingdom of Brehr
Kingdom of Brehr
location in nora
Capital ?
Largest City ?
Ruling House House Sollyn
Demonym Len / Arasian
Formation ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages ?

The Kingdom of Brehr was one of the kingdoms of the Four Brothers Era. The kingdom was founded by the unification of warring tribes by Fallard Blackwolf. The kingdom is known for its tumultuous history and its values of warrior spirit and family ties.

The native Len of the area practiced druidism and had adopted the Gnesis gods during the early Four Brothers Era.



Sollyn Dynasty

Rise of the Bloodwolf

After the death of Prince Cerwyn Sollyn, the heir of the Len Crown was left to Ser Roswyn Sollyn. However, a confrontation between Roswyn and his niece Arasia after the death of King Golwyn Sollyn concluded in her being named Queen and Roswyn setting down his sword to join the clergy.

The War on the Dragonmaw

Len Dynasty (62 years)

Taurian Dynasty (98 years)

Brekenbach Dynasty (95 years)

Burning Wars

Notable Locations

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