King's Blade

A King's Blade is a soldier recruited, trained and employed by the High Crown of Nora to perform missions that are impossible, secret or both.

Once given the title of King's Blade, one is granted almost unlimited access and authority to accomplish a mission. A King's Blade can take control of military units, airships or weapons as necessary. The methodology varies by agent and mission, with styles ranging from silent assassinations to destructive rampages. Regardless of method, a King's Blade operates as a ghost; striking and vanishing, which creates a near mythic image of their abilities.

The King's Blade is capable of calling on the Ashbringers.

King's Blades

Tejeen the Yellow-Eyed (802 - 834 NS)
Carrie-Ann Remi (834 - 855 NS
Calator Bashku (855 - 979 NS)
Sigmir of Vyknir (979 - 1011 NS)
Suhnoyi-kanati (1011 - 1032 NS)
Dafyd Lusk (1032 - 1040 NS)
Daisuke Moradraum (1040 - 1347 NS)
Beatrix de Alexandria (1347 - 1363 NS)
Daisuke Moradraum (1363 - Current)

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