King Kaschey the Lych

King Kaschey the Lych was an old Vathroni slayer-king who was so wicked his soul tried to escape his body. He lived in Dramout Fort in present-day Sachrunin. He preyed on his own kingdom, sewing strife and fear. He was especially inclined to to harm to the Elby townsfolk, whom he sought out for special distress and sorrow.

He also understood magic and had a colt that could ride and trot, canter and gallop until its hooves leapt from the earth and soared to high rock and crag, or down to river and meadow. And the hoof of his colt never trod on a single blade of grass.

Nothing could stop his terror in Elby, neither high stone wall nor deep moat. He committed many crimes and seemed unstoppable. But finally, the Elby townsfolk captured him, brought him to the New Market and hanged him on the gallows with his accomplices.

However, the soul which has escaped his body, lived on and King Kaschey continues to ride as a ghost-like wraith, or sometimes a skeletal lich. He haunts the area around Dramout Fort, slaying any descended from the land he once ruled. The only people said to be able to ward him off is the Chal nomads.

Castle Death-No-More in Elby still displays weapons and the wall still shows a hoof print from his horse, which sank into the soft clay when he jumped over it.

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