King Elk
A king elk.

A king elk (elven brelain) is a large and magestic elk that lives in the northern Great Forests. They average at 5'5" at the shoulder and can weigh around 900 lbs. Though the stag's massive antlers never stop growing, they often reach a length of 8 feet long. Stags may have ten or more tines on each antler with the oldest stags boasting the most.

If a stag feels he is being challenged, he responds by bellowing loudly and stamping the ground. If this doesn't work, he bows his head and charges with his head lowered to allow a vicious gore attack, following up by trampling over his foe.

The king elk has proved too aggressive and unruly for domestication or riding.

Their antlers and tendons are traditionally used by forest elves as ingredients for crafting their bows.

The natural patterns that occur in male king elk are used as a basis for elven mheintio design.

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