Keglan Skarkov
Keglan Skarkov
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Telmutura, Ibben
Date of Birth 1350 NS
Home Castle Reveni, Piros Barl
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Archduke of Grenith
Domnitor of Ibben
Count of Buterren
Physical Description
Race Tiefling
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Family Information
Family Members House of Skarkov
Occupation Noble
Loyalty Ibben

Keglan Skarkov is the Domnitor of Ibben, and Count of Buterren. He lives in Castle Reveni within Piros Barl. He is often considered aloof and frivolous by the people he meets.

Domnitor Skarkov was appointed after the tragic suicide of his predecessor, Domnitor Sziv in 1374. The populace of Piros Barl blames a figure known as "The Basilisk" for the tragedy as well as a theft from their treasury.


Early Life

Domnitor of Ibben

Dr. Shaparu's Assassination


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