The Keepers

The Keepers is a druid sect that operates in the Caitalam Wildlands of Tir'Ein. They were founded in 1151 NS, at the end of the Golden Druid Age.


Golden Druid Age

1098 - 1151 NS. The Keepers are founded at the end.

Taming of the Wildlands

In 1347 NS, Duke Mansuetus Kildare of Caltirech begins the Taming of the Wildlands to settle the northern areas of Caltirech. It collapses in 1351.

The Wolfblood War

1357 - 1360. Elara's Halfway House is built.


The Keepers embody the fickleness and the many faces of nature: both lovely and dangerous at the same moment. Beyond any overriding purpose, they simply are. But should their land be threatened, they come to its defense with the fury of nature unleashed.

The sect is so isolated, and its goals so unfathomable, that most people are unaware of its existence. If its goal of planar mingling were better known, the likely result would be alarm. And should the group succeed in creating new planar accesses, the world would become aware of them soon enough.

All forms of existence, even if it is not technically “life,” are worthwhile to the Keepers. They espouse no duty to destroy certain kinds of creatures. On the other hand, an individual member might embark on a campaign to eradicate, say, all the displacer beasts in an area. The reason might be to maintain ecological balance, to keep the creatures’ presence from interfering with magical energies needed to form a manifest zone, or to accomplish some other goal incomprehensible to most. Unless the group as a whole sees grave danger in such activities, it does not interfere. Each member performs his duties to existence as he sees fit.

Known members

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