Biographical Information
Location of Birth Yorik, Ilefain
Date of Birth Urmnis 16, 1247 NS
Home Mooncrystal Castle,
Mooncrystal, Vatharond
Alias(es) The Wandering Mage,
Ke'Vadar the Silver
Title(s) Master of Divination
Physical Description
Race Eladrin
Gender Male
Hair Color Gold
Occupation Wizard,
Priest of Kira
Wizard Circle Council of Nine
Loyalty Kira
Yorik Wizarding Academy
Clergy of Dhanni
Clergy of Yunis and Helos

Cae Lann Fedar, known more by his common name, Ke'Vadar, is a blind eladrin wizard, Archmage of Divination and son of the god Kira. Also known as the "Blind Wanderer", Ke'Vadar was struck with a curse early in his career by Shaydis, god of darkness, rendering him sightless.

Ke'Vadar stands a little over six feet tall with a very thin frame. He has bronze skin and long light blonde hair. Ke'Vadar is famous for his silver dragon mask that obscures his eyes and he currently wears a White Robe of the Archmagi. When battle clad, he carries the Shepherd's Staff and the Lune Staff upon his back and his mithral thinblade on his side.

Though blind, Ke'Vadar can "see" perfectly well due to the enchantment placed on his mask. He also bears a gift from Dhanni, god of the forest, that allows him to sense his surroundings with his ears, an ability similar to echolocation. He also practices a mastery of arcane magic rarely seen, if even equaled and has lately begun the path of a priest under the tutelage of Diana Dawnfalcon.

Ke'Vadar is almost always accompanied by his companion Azzel Angelkin and his silver dragon familiar, aura.


Early life

Ke'Vadar was born to his mother, Mais Lann Fedar [Bruach Bain] (born 1076), a wizard; and to Deamhan Lann Fedar (also called De'Vadar to his friends) (born 1081), a ranger. They both were adventurers, active from around 1225 onward.

His birth was marred by the appearance of a demon possessed nurse who cursed the infant.

Both parents settled in Yorik in 1243. Ke'Vadar was born in 1247 in Yorik. His parents both died in 1290, after which Ke'Vadar was sent to the Academy as an orphan.

He killed a cat.

Kira's manifestation

In 1368, Ke'Vadar and Annave Nevin noticed strange happenings in the Night Forest outside the academy. As the two moved through the forest, they were hounded by vampires and eventually came to Kira's Grove where a divine shard was found. It was here, Ke'Vadar was told of his heritage and nature.

Hand of the Drow

see The Hand of the Drow Saga

In 1372, Ke'Vadar was in the office of Headmaster Shamil Smoothhands when Yorik Wizarding Academy was attacked by Shadowcultists. He was approached by the balor Fieriel and teleported to what appeared to be the black marble interior of a massive black cathedral. Sitting in a shifting throne was the goddess of shadow, Shaydis. She cursed him, struck him blind and cast him back into the world where he awoke in a forest. After some wandering, he came across a man attempted to help him before the man tragically looked Ke'Vadar in the eyes and was turned to stone.

Ke'Vadar wandered into a nearby city and was found by Yandadric, who attempted to help clean the wizard off by conjuring a gallon of water above his head.

When Ke'Vadar's allies attempted to enter Epsilon's Castle without permission, Ke'Vadar stayed behind. He was the only one of his band to not be arrested for trespassing on royal grounds. Later, the group approached Lord Mayor Adrian d'Bastion for permission to go back down and Ke'Vadar joined them after they had made a deal with the mayor.

In a speckled chamber of Epsilon's castle, Ke'Vadar was viciously bisected by a nightwing. In his death, he found himself chained to an infinite black wall of tortured souls with Shaydis before him. The goddess mocked his standing for an indeterminate amount of time before sending him back to a regenerated body.

The Council of Nine

see The Council of Nine Saga

Ke'vadar helped Azzel regain his celestial powers by bringing the demonologist John Hamundy to justice. He made quick friends with Master of Divination Chu Hsi and was welcomed into the master's house as a resident. He placed both Artemis and Mary Hamundy, the daughter of the demonologist, in the temporary custody of the Manor. As for John Hammundy himself, Chu Hsi took him into a room in the manor's basement and only Chu Hsi returned.

Seminary training

Diana Dawnfalcon trained Ke'Vadar in the ways of a cleric. Though Diana was a priestess of Yunis and Helos, he learned much from her.

The Sixth World

see The Sixth World Saga

Wishing to see Chu Hsi's last wish through, Ke'Vadar readied the Silver Dragon for a long voyage with a full crew and sailed west to Aremia.

Powers and Abilities


O! Chosen of my enemy, I curse thee!
O, new angel of magic, I haunt three.
O, messenger of light, I hate thee.
Darkness shall you forever see.
Darkness shall you forever dwell.
Cursed are those who look upon you.
Cursed are those whom you look upon.
Forever shall you live to endure.
Forever shall I be there to torment.
'Til virgin's breath falls upon you
Saddened by the death of love
And the loss of innocence.

Arcane Sense




Magic Items

Dragon Mask

White Robe of the Archmagi

Lune Staff

During his adventures in Lorasia, Ke'Vadar was gifted with the Lune Staff, an item uncommon in Nora, capable of increasing the armor of his allies.

Shepherd's Staff



Alaina Demonbreaker

see Alaina

Azzel Angelkin

see Azzel

Neegan Kenafin

see Neegan Kenafin

Stephania the Devil Charmer

see Stephania



see Ail

Kalmarra d'Torahel

see Kalmarra

Vastania the Dark Daughter

see vastania-darkheart

As Ke'Vadar encountered Vastania, he has learned to pity her situation and intends to redeem her.

Dijanzi d'Obari

see Dijanzi d'Obari


  • 1076 - Birth of Mais
  • 1081 - Birth of De'Vadar
  • 1223 - Beginning of adventures of Parents
  • 1243 - Settle in Yorik
  • 1247 - Birth of Ke'Vadar
  • 1290 - Death of Parents
  • 1368 - Kira's Manifestation
  • 1372 - Hand of the Drow Saga
  • 1373 - Council of Nine Saga
  • 1374 - Priest training with Diana Dawnfalcon
  • 1375 - Sixth World Saga
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