Kava Ghostscale
Kava Ghostscale
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Kava Ghostscale is a nethermancer and the Shadow Queen of Jaress, mother of the Jarisian shadowcult cell.


Rise of the Runelords

Meeting with Xev.

The new moon ritual.

Appearance and personality

Kava is a strong female dragonborn with ashen scales. She can be fearsome looking and intimidating, but tries to under play this with a soft demeanor. Her voice is sonorous. As is the custom of her faith, she wears black or dark clothing.

Kava is a mysterious woman who trusts completely in the power of her god and the visions she grants her in her dreams. She calmly rebuts all those who doubt her and scoffs at the followers of other gods. She has complete faith in her ability to interpret visions. She is careful to present herself as serene and powerful.

She has always preferred social interaction to combat and as such, has built her abilities based on trickery and manipulation. She has always enjoyed the power of words and loves to captivate and hypnotize by both magic and oratory.

She prefers to use debuffing spells in battle and keep out of the way of danger. She rarely uses her breath weapon as she feels it is vulgar, but will unleash it if her back is to the wall, even if it is on the wall itself as a means to escape. Her adamantine dagger is meant for more of a ritualistic role, but, once again, will use it in battle in a pinch.

In battle, her main concern is the survival of Xev. She realizes his allies are central to this goal and will freely help them in battle, but when a hard decision is to be made, she will always go in Xev's direction. This also means she places him above her own survival in battle as well. Due to Xev's ritual scar, Kava can target him with her hexes as far as one mile away.

Powers and abilities

Umbral magic


viper familiar

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