Katriana Redletter
Katriana Redletter
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Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
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Katriana Redletter was the daughter and youngest child of Jethon Redletter. She bore a striking resemblance to her dead mother, Zaira Redletter.

Katriana was an attractive woman. Her hair was drawn back in a fashionable style, held with an elaborate network of pins and strings of black pearls. A long braid spilled down her back. Her skin was pale and smooth.

Since childhood, Katrianai's sleep had been plagued with restlessness nightmares. Her nightmares were seen as a good sign she has the talent for magic and her father was eager for her to reach the age where she could be placed in training as a maester. Katriana often chafed at the boring traditional lifestyle her father imposed upon her and wished for more out of life. She was often bratty, impatient and rude.

Her brother died when he was young under mysterious circumstances.

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