Kardesh Khan

Kardesh Khan (b. c547 PI; died 482 PI) was the leader of the Kidan people during the Four Brothers Era. He oversaw the the Kidan migration to the Great Sea in 503 PI.

During his reign he was one of the most feared enemies of early Noran kingdoms. He plundered many cities, but was unable to take Jaress. He also attempted to conquer Erwynn and marching as far as the Noran Sea shore before being defeated at the Battle of the Asharian Plains.

Subsequently he invaded the Kingdom of Canstice, devastating the northern provinces, but was unable to take Calori. After failing to take Canstice, he prepared to march the Kidan people back east, but died due to disease before he was able to cross back into Vatharond.

Despite his reputation as a raider and plunderer, he was also a skilled merchant. He traded with cities as often as he invaded them, often giving them a chance to pay a ransom to keep him from putting the populace to the sword.

547 PI - born
517 PI - begins migration at 30
503 PI - 44 years old completes migration
482 PI - dies at 65

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