Kanusar of Midas

Kanusar of Midas, also known as Kanusar the Broken, was a Midan emperor famous for his conquest of the eastern Wyrmspires and the creation of the Midan Empire in the 23rd century PI. Kanusar reigned for 56 years, seeing his empire grow to great heights. He ruled from the city of Midas, which was supposedly build by his own hands. Kanusar is regarded as one of the first individuals to create a centrally ruled empire. The empire which ruled for over 600 years.

He is also notable for his involvement with Mideas the Seductress and his fathering of the Five Xuls of Midas.


Rise to power

Meeting Mideas

Formation of the Midan Empire

Wars in the east

Betrayal and death

Succession of the Xuls


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