Kaniwet the Strange City, is a large city found in southern Vatharond. The major port of trade from Khemet. The culture is dominated with Khemtian music, food and language. The city is well known for their cloaked dancers that are taught the art in private schools. Their mastery over seduction gives them more forgiveness then other women inside the city walls.

At the center of the town, a building of unknown creation lies, called the Great Pyramid. It is in this that the eponymous organization is ruled. The Pyramid seeks to control all psionic activity in Nora. Ruled by the unforgiving Inner Chamber, they spread their influence and their knowledge of the mysterious being known as the Golden Mind.

Also among the odd culture of the city is a collection of legeon worshipers known as the Cult of Hebek, where they praise his mastery over things that crawl and depict him as a snake. This cult is also an assassins guild using deadly serpent poison to ply their trade with a religious fanaticism.



The Great Pyramid

Headquarters of the Pyramid.

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