The Kaldra
A fox mask of the Kaldra

The Kaldra is a secret organization that is dedicated to bring justice to those who have none. They oppose evil organizations, tyranny and evil creatures. Kaldra members are recognized by their different masks which resemble foxes. They embrace three values; Purity, Skill and Sincerity.

The Kaldra recruit a variety of peoples, many of whom tend to have criminal backgrounds. Membership is subject to rigorous tests. Membership was subject to rigorous tests. In one such test the applicant's hair would be braided, and he would be pursued through the forest; he would fail if he was caught.

While the Kaldra fight for the good of the people, they are outlawed by Noran decree. Seen as a criminal organization due to past misunderstandings with Noran law enforcement, they operate incognito and can be found over the entirety of Nora.

Headquartered in Magara.

Known Members

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