Kalabrath is a savage higher god of fire, war, bloodshed, passion and excess. He is a master horsemen and goes to war with a giant vulture. He is also associated with lions, hawks and lizards. He wars with his armor and spear, but his own skin is said to be harder than steel. If ever injured in battle, he flies on his vulture to Ornus, who reforges his body, and then flies back to the battlefield. He is also a god of divine knowledge, who leads man to the gods. He is is the personification of the sacrificial fire.

He is portrayed as a fire serpent, a winged dragon that breathes fire. e is always depicted wearing fine clothing and expensive gold and jewelry. He has a halo of flame.

Kalabrath has two forms; a form when he is burning non-living matter, and another when he is burning flesh.

Although his usual consort is his daughter, he is frequently a lover of Shaydis and their coupling brings brutal and unspeakable times of war and darkness to Nora. He also enjoys beastiality and sex with youth. He is identified with the generative and sexual powers of fire.

Kalabrath teaches the right to take what you want and rule what you take. The only true possessions you have are the ones you can keep from others. He is often associated with night as armies light campfires it is said that Kalabrath replaces the sun and smiles at his might for doing so. So sacred is the fire that it is forbidden for worshipers to shout or swear at it while it is being lit. In fact, he wishes his fire to so replace light that he has on occasion attempted to murder Kira. However, it is also said that Kira is the keeper of the Brightstar, source of all light and warmth, including fire. So it is with Kalabrath's dual nature.

He is the despoiler of armies and the cause of all bloodshed. As such he is also the cause of women's menstruation.

He is the lover of food and wine and seems to become quite gentle when drunk. His festival is held at the beginning of each year where revelers drink and eat to their fullest. They dance and become wild as to placate Kalabrath's fury. Kalabrath's clergy on this day would offer themselves to worshipers in honor of sexual frenzy. Sometimes, a newly crowned king would participate in this way to prove their might and verility.

The dragon-god Zuarasici is the son of Kalabrath. Zuarasici was wild and uncontrollable, but Kalabrath caught him with blacksmith's tongs and chained him so he may punish souls of the dead and guard the bridge in between the world of the living and that of the dead.

Kalabrath is one of the only few beings who have visited Damien's realm of the Echoing and returned.

As Malym is the god of dispassion and ice, this makes him the natural enemy of Kalabrath.

It is said that Kalabrath's daughter is the fire titan, Thera.


Ordeal of Fire

Fire of Sacrifice (Immolation)


Fire of the Mind



  • Urgueon; fiendish red dragon (destruction)
  • Edelr; giant, chains, skull, claws, forearm blade (evil)
  • Modicar; giant fire wolf, has connection to the moon, fire breathing (fire)
  • Nyamakula; female lion, stars, keeps the souls of those she has killed as her mane, antlers, wings, holy to fire giants, tongue is a fiery serpent (strength)
  • Kýrengonós; centaur, destroyer of cities, siege master, army of drakes, destroyer of demons and angels alike (war)
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