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Aliases The Free City
Size City
Location Domain of Sulla
Ruler Leonurus III
Population 20,000
Exports ?

This article is about the ancient city during the Four Brothers Era; see the article on Jaress for the modern city

Jurus, known in draconic as Sanctus Iurisorium (holy place of law), is one of the largest cities in the Four Brothers. It is located in south-east Coranthe on the shore of the Dragonmaw and features a massive port. It is the last holding of the Aquarian Empire ruled by Magister militum Leonurus III, being technically the capital city of the Domain of Sulla. Jurus is extremely populous, but rather unsightly and dirty compared to other cities.

It is known as the Free City because of an ancient pact between the royal families that prohibit any kingdom from claiming the city or even allowing any ruling monarch from entering the city walls.

The City

Walls and gates

  • Two town walls - seven gates

Notable Locations

Streets, Squares and other


Notable Personalities

The Tribunal

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