Julia Chevalier
Julia Chevalier
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1342 NS
Home White City
Title Dame
Physical Description
Race Human (Desberi)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members House of Chevalier
Occupation Paladin of Damien
Loyalty ?

Dame Julia Chevalier is a powerful paladin of Damien and a member of the Shields of the Red Waters. She is the consort of tempest and the older sister of Chance Chevalier. She often acts cold and aloof, wishing to distance herself from others. She claims this is for their safety but refuses to elaborate.


Early Life

When Almalia was injured in the accident and Chance was beside himself with worry to the point of hysteria most of his family merely made half-hearted attempts at consoling him. It was Julia alone that seemed to care, dropping her normal cold manner and giving him words of encouragement, even accompanying him to visits Almalia in the hospital. The reassuring smile she gave him is the only time Chance has ever seen his sister smile.

Over the course of her life, Julia has had two romantic entanglements Both of these suitors died under mysterious circumstances.


In 1372, Julia joined her superior, Leon Chevalier, to Hope Island in order to ensure the safety of tempest. On the island, she handed a scroll case to Leon which contained a forged warrant giving the Shields of Red Waters the right to take in Colwynn in order to make Francois Mervoi d'Roux back down from arresting him.

Mission in Sedjeri

In 1374, Julia traveled to Sedjeri, Khemet. In the city she once again met Maximilian Colwynn, who was traveling with his companion, Mandy Valin. After some adventures, the three of them were invited to the Pharaoh's Palace where they met the radiant Rasa-Tewet. They were soon caught in the middle of a conspiracy of the court priestess, Argent the Serpent who was attempting to usurp the throne. Mandy was captured and Maximilian and Julia were driven into the desert, being considered enemies to the state. In the desert, they befriended a tribe of xephs and unified many of the tribes into an army to combat the forces of Argent. They defeated the death-priestess, causing her to flee the city and replaced Rasa-Tewet back on the throne. Julia traveled with Maximilian to the northern city of zarab.


After the three of them arrived in Zharoeb in 1375, Maximilian and Julia grew closer and Mandy began to feel isolated and jealous. This reached a climax when Mandy attacked Julia in a rage and severely injured her. In her shame, Mandy ran away and disappeared. After treating Julia, and convincing her to help him, they began to search for Mandy, but were soon caught by a force of marruspawn under the control of Argent.

Maximilian and Julia were taken to the priestess's lair where Argent worked her vengeance. They were tortured and told they would be transformed into elans through ceremorphosis. However, they were saved when Mandy Valin infiltrated the lair and defeated enough forces to free Max and Julia. The three of them managed to escape the lair, but it was clear that Mandy was host to an ice devil.

Mandy apologized for her behavior and admitted her love for Max, but he told her that his heart was now with Julia. Julia, however, was needed back in Nora and had to leave. Max promised to find her when he was done.

Capture and rescue

see The Verdant King Saga

In 1376, she was dispatched on a mission to the Dirgelands in Ibben, partially due to her paladin training, and partially due to the fact that the family might want to keep her out of White City for a time.

She was taken by the agents of Mercy Lament, the rest of her party killed, to Castle Darkspire as a sacrifice to the Crimson Death.

She was rescued by her brother, Chance, from overwhelming peril on the top of Castle Darkspire.


Julia and Chance traveled back to White City, where Julia made a shocking discovery. She was assisted by the mysterious Venin.

Appearance and Personality

She puts on a heavy air of cold aloof nature and keeps many of her family at arms reach, not entirely agreeing with their goals or methods.


Chance Chevalier

Recognizing Chance as a potential kindred spirit, she was doubly cold to him to ensure the family did not think she could try to use him as an ally against the family's goals.

Maximilian Colwynn

Powers and Abilities

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