Jethon Redletter
Jethon Redletter
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Lord Jethon Redletter was the lord of House Redletter. He was a highly studious man, and never met a problem he could not solve. He was born with a club foot and had no skill in magic. However, he seemed to be capable of speaking with animals. He was a very knowledgeable man of academic means. He overheard a prophetic dream had by King Urien d'Avespeare while the king was visiting. Jethon believed the prophecy was an important one, despite the fact King Urien thought Jethon should disregard it.

His daughter is Katriana Redletter, who bears a striking resemblance to Jethon's late wife, Zaira Redletter.

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Jethon spent his early career as a scholar roaming the Four Brothers. He traveled far and wide, from the capital of Erywwn to Jurus. Whatever the political climate of the day, Jethon had gained friends at least among the houses, great and small. At that point in time, Jethon's goal in life was to be given an invitation to browse the libraries of House Ostwyrt.

The research of Jethon Redletter was not always well received, however. In true scholarly style, Jethon did not attempt to hide any discoveries he found, no matter how damning they might be.

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