Jesse Blackblade
Jesse Blackblade
Biographical Information
Date of Birth 1348 NS
Home Alexandria
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Thief

Jesse Reese, also known as the Blackblade is a thief in the service of the Red Rose. He is notable for training Azzel Angelkin in the ways of the thief and not receiving his return.


Training Azzel and imprisonment

When Azzel Angelkin was seeking training in stealth and guile he sought out the Red Rose in Alexandria. Inside, he was introduced to Jesse Blackblade, who agreed to train him in exchange for an unspecified favor in the future. Azzel agreed and with the help of Jesse, stole a set of Pipes of the Sewer from a public showcase.

After Azzel was trained, Jesse was arrested. He wrote a letter to Azzel to pull the favor he owed and asked him to come to court and provide an alibi for Jesse's crimes. Azzel never showed and Jesse Blackblade was sentenced to several months of imprisonment in the city gaol.

After he was released, Jesse contacted the Dark Lady, guildmaster of the Red Rose and asked her to send her mythical assassins after Azzel. The Dark Lady reminded Jesse of the price the assassins require and Jesse agreed to the contract.

Hiring an army

In 1377, Jesse was approached by the gnome, Tik and was asked to hire a force of mercenaries for the purpose of conquering the Savage Coast. His first hire was Dagg the sellsword.


Jesse's name comes from the famous sword always kept at his side, the Blackblade; a serrated saber with a powerful and vile magic placed on its blade.

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