Jelaza Kazone

Jelaza Kazone is a wizard circle headquartered in Calith Arg.

Their members wear a white cloak with a silver thread as a badge of honor.

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Jelaza Kazone

Jelaza Kazone (a term that has been translated as "Jela's Promise," "Jela's Contract," or "Jela's Dream," among other variants) is a very large tree that lives in the grounds of the guild's estate and is in the habit of communicating its likes and dislikes to senior members of that guild; it has particularly been noted to have an interest in the likely parents of future children of the guild.

Jelaza Kazone is a warden tree whose seed came from the world tree, Gadanbalad.

It was this sentient tree that taught Mawrion Guepinson, the founder of the order, his first spells.

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