The Jegerenmal
The Jegerenmal
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Location Beastwoods, Vatharond
Affiliation Yunis and Helos
Construction ?-?
Destroyed ?
Creator ?
Associated Figures Diana Dawnfalcon

The Jegerenmal is an ancient forested ruin which serves as a druid grove for worshipers of Yunis and Helos. Surrounded by cliffs.


The Bawngate

A lithographic arch that blesses all who walk through.

The Meeting Stones

A place to sit and speak with other visitors.

The Table

A large stump with stairs leading up to its ten foot height. A stone marker on top. The stump is surrounded by a stone arcade. For announcements and meetings.

The Warden Tree

Inside the hollowed stump of a long dead and petrified mawrion tree, This warden tree is surrounded by four guardian treants. There is a standing stone in front for audiences. Menhir stones surround the grotto.

Stone Bridge

Leading a path over a chasm, deeper into the grove.

The Hangman's Tree

A carnivorous tree that is fed the enemies of the grove.


A small but holy stone fountain.

The Great Henge

For ceremonies. Also serves as an astrological calendar.


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