Aliases The Strong City
City of Justice
City of Law
Size Megopolis
Location Coranthe, Ilefain
Ruler Highlords of Jaress
Population 53,000
(Human 49%, Half-Elf 21%,
Dragonborn 17%, Gnome 8%,
Dwarf 2%, Halfling 1%,
Kamik 1%, Other 1%)
Exports Wine, Magic items,
sea food, soap,
cement, textiles,
olive oil, pottery,
art, theater, and fashion
Political Informaton
Mayor Clarence Purple
Archmages Black Waltzes
Captain of the Guard Ilarion Bleklímaka
Prelate James Fanois Le'Strange
Exchequer Melisant d'Mere
Lord Justice Bayl Argentine

"Everyone comes to Jaress."
—common expression

Jaress is a city in central Ilefain. It was previously the capital of Ilefain until the royal family was murdered in 858. It is a strong walled city made to withstand sieges during war.

Home of the University of Jaress and the Montouria Cemetary atop the hill, Montouria. Jaress is also the location of the Justice Council, the highest court of Ilefain. The four families with the greatest influence in the city are House de'Chantfeu, House of Highwind, House of Valligan and House of Purple.

Location of the Kennel, headquarters of the Bloodhounds.


Sanctus Iurisorium

Jaress's lands were prosperous, and occupied a strategic position for controlling shipping and commerce. The area came under Aquarian control after a conquest campaign by the Aquarians. The town sided with the rebels and was said to have contributed 8,000 men to the rebel army. The Aquarians crushed the rebels and took control of the entire region.

Under Aquarian rule, the town was thoroughly Aquarianised and grew considerably. It was, however, not the capital of its province.

Four Brothers Era

see Jurus

Jurus became the capital city of the Domain of Sulla, the last Imperial Remnant. It was lead by the magister militum, of which there was three dynasties. A notable magister militum was Leonurus III during the early Four Brothers Era.

The War Against the Darkness

Jaress was used as a major city of the Dark Empire.

The Jaress Nightmare

The first major disaster caused by a university, the University of Jaress was destroyed in 229 NS. Much of the city was destroyed during the event, with the death toll rising in the thousands.

The Skinsaw Cult

see Rise of the Runelords

In the autumn of 1378 NS, Justice Celebryn Ironbriar was discovered to be the secret overlord of a cult dedicated to Malym, known as the Skinsaw Cult. Lord Mayor Clarence Purple had the justice stripped of his title and brought to bear. Justice Ironbriar was killed during the invasion of the cult's headquarters in the Row.


The Streets of Jaress

Golden Dawn Square

  • One Tree Tavern
  • Columnade
  • Fountain of the dead
  • Shi'imti-style totem pole

Iras Canal

Seven City Walls

  • The First Wall
  • The Thief's Wall
  • King Antoine's Wall
The Jaress waterfront

The Row

docks, warehouses, rat's nests, poor and dangerous

The Catacombs

  • The Maze of Bones
  • the elder god of war is entombed there
  • vampires (including a former priest master vampire)
  • a section of the catacombs is the meeting place of the Red gate Society (The Court of Blasphemies)

Defense and Crime

Justice Court

see Jaresian Justices

The Justice Court of Jaress, sometimes referred to as the Justice Council, is Ilefain's highest court. This body of thirteen Justices acts as the final arbiter of the kingdom, ruling on disagreements when the law itself comes into question and determining the guilt or innocence of those who come before them accused of breaking the law. Among the thirteen Justices, one serves as Lord Justice and maintains order within the Court; currently the position is held by Bayl Argentine. The Court meets in the Pediment Building in the Capital District, the lowest levels of which serve as a prison for the city's most hardened criminals, known as the Hells.

Blue Dragoon Knights

Lead by Bernard Highwind.

Ravenwing Cartel

Aquarian Baths
Two Plagues
The wealthy live in the west
royal castle - Her Palace of Summer
holiday during summer celebrating a great battle
University of Jaress - a brutal learning center
Jaress Opérahouse
a famous road full of wonders and famous landmarks through the noble district
a massive arch
The Two Kidans - a famous cafe
Temple of the Burning Heart - dedicated to Dragonborn faith
The Lafayette Mall
An avenue used for parades and troop deployment.
Business district near the ports
The Compass Orary
Defiant's Garden; palace of the House of Purple with public park
The Kennel
The Dragon Court
The Silver Unicorn - best inn in the city
The Dancing Ferret - a mediocre inn

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