Jaresian Justices
Jaresian justices

The Jaresian Justices are the guardians of law and order in Jaress, making them in effect the city's Supreme Court, and commanders of the city militia. Justices are referred to as "your honor" by both outsiders and each other.


The Jaresian Justices are a special order of knights under the Justice Court of Jaress. They are the supreme enforcers of law in the city of Jaress. Each wields extraordinary legal power in his or her own right over lower-ranked Jaresian officers.

The Justices wield quite a bit of magical and physical power. They are called on sometimes to guard high profile people. They are also sent on the most sensitive and important missions.

Justices are always seen in full plate armor and are rarely seen with their helmets off. Each Justice has a unique set of armor with complex helmet ornamentation, usually including horns.

Notable Members


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