James and Susan Colwynn

James Colwynn and Susan Colwynn were infamous serial killers that ran rampant across Ilefain during the late 1340's and early 50's. They are famous for targeting those who were descended from immortal blood, as well as priests, holy knights and people tied to the Church of Light. All together they boasted 141 victims, only three short of their declared goal of 144.

Originally from northern Coranthe, James Colwynn traveled widely. In 1347, he came back to his home town and wrote two books in secret, known as the Colwynn Books.

James and Susan Colwynn were married in 1348 and began practicing profane rituals. They were involved heavily with the Covenant of the Flesh and sought to invoke and capture devils. The killings began after the couple needed components for their rituals, but soon became a goal onto itself.

They were captured in 1354, with Susan already in late term pregnancy. The two were brought to the House of Grey Veils and were allowed to birth the child. After the birth of their son, Maximilian, the two were executed by Ordeal.

The Colwynn Books

The Book of Hands

The Book of Tongues

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