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Master Ja (Shao: Jià; 駕) is the leader of the Rice and Tea Rebellion and a potent wu jen. Ja is a vicious and an amoral sorcerer. He is seen in a mostly cool manner, yet is easily angered. He is sly, ruthless, and arrogant. Unprincipled and ruthless in pursuit of his aims, he is a zealot who behaves like a patriarch towards his followers. With his army, Ja has traveled around the land and has defeated various local warlords.

Ja wields a magic staff and uses fire-based attacks. He fights in an erratic manner reminiscent of a non-human primate and gives off a sharp, high-pitched battle cry. He is capable of conjuring dust storms and summoning phantom soldiers.

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At that time, there lived three brothers: Ja, Bo and Lee.

Ja was a failure in the county level examination. He had gone into the mountains to gather some medicinal herbs, when he came across an old man; the old man had a youthful countenance, and was carrying a fat-hen walking stick. The old man beckoned Ja into a cave, presented him with a book in three volumes which had come from the heavens, then said, "This book is called The Essential Art of Great Peace. Once you have mastered its contents, you will represent the heavens in spreading this knowledge, and thereby save all of mankind. If you start to have second thoughts, there will be terrible consequences for you." Ja enquired as to the old man's name. The old man said, "I am the old immortal spirit from the southern lands." With that, the old man vanished into thin air. Upon receiving this book, Ja practiced night and day. Eventually, he could summon the wind and rain, and came to be known as the Great Peace Taoist.

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