Ithyllirath is a drow city state located in the Upperdark, below central Canstice. The city was founded by the drow hero Dandan d'Myuren. It has a population of over 11,000 free citizens.

Ithyllirath is governed by a magocracy lead by the Shadowed Tower and its director, Faris Nah'Shar. Directly below them in status are the noble houses.

The city is split into two levels, Olath Sharorr (upper) and Naut'kyn (lower). Only nobles, members of the Shadowed Tower and their direct servants are allowed in Olath Sharorr upon pain of death, while Naut'kyn is used for common drow and merchants.

Noble Houses of Ithyllirath:

  • Myuren
  • Okoth
  • Puil'Dundan
  • Talith
  • Kalif
  • Entmir
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