Isle Of Dread

The Isle of Dread is a vast tropical island of volcanic
origin set amid stormy seas. Jagged reefs guard the
approach to black sand beaches. If a boat does somehow
make it to the shore in one piece, its passengers
then face a solid, lush green wall of tropical vines and
trees. Great knifelike peaks of obsidian rise beyond
the treeline. Travelers venture into that jungle at their
peril. Of all the savage and secret places of the Feywild,
the Isle of Dread is the most mysterious.
The entire Isle of Dread worldfalls constantly and
unpredictably from the Feywild to the mortal realm—
and it shifts to even stranger planes at times. Some
sages argue it is everywhere at once, and some argue it
is nowhere at all times. As a result of its constant travel,
the Isle is populated by all manner of savage beasts. It

also hosts several tiny camps of shipwrecked sentient
beings. The Isle is steaming hot. Reptilian beings fare
better at exploring its secrets due to the climate.
Those secrets appear to be endless. An ancient
yuan-ti temple is at the center of the jungle. North of
the temple, several primitive races live in splendid
stone ziggurats of unknown origin. Eagle-eyed explorers
can just barely make out a thin tower, a needle of
phosphorescent crystal, rising from the peak of one of
the central mountains. On the southern coast several
bands of stranded mortals have found each other—
and discovered, to their shock, they all originate
from wildly different moments in history. Some have
reported sighting giant, terrible lizards racing on two
legs through the jungle.
Even a short sojourn to the Isle of Dread makes one
thing clear: Getting to the Isle is not as difficult as one
might believe. Getting off the Isle is the challenge.

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