Princess Ionuin
Ionuin Airgid Samhradh Banphrionsa
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Siobadh Tur
Date of Birth ?
Home Siobadh Tur
Title(s) Princess of An Tuath
Physical Description
Race Eladrin
Gender Female
Hair Color Platinum Blond
Eye Color Purple
Family Information
Family Members Alucail (Father)
Elegast (Brother)
Sigurt (Husband)
Merrium (Son)
Loyalty An Tuath
Her family

Ionuin Airgid Samhradh Banphrionsa was the eladrin daughter of the Erlking, younger sister to King Elegast, and mother of the half-eladrin Merrium Kraemer.

She was kidnapped by the dragon Tugarin Zmeja from Siobadh Tur on the orders of the wizard Chernomor. She was kept in the wizard's tower, Naraa until rescued by Sigurt Kraemer and the Red Slayers.

Afterwards, she married Sigurt with the blessings of her father and gave birth to her son, Merrium. Shortly afterward, she was murdered by the Erlking in his madness.



Life with Sigurt

Birth of Merrium and Death

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