Ioan II of Vatharond
Ioan II of Vatharond
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Castle Parch, Ilefain
Date of Birth 1342 NS
Home Vyknir, Vatharond
Title King of Vatharond
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members Queen Anabelle (wife)
House of Alexandru
Loyalty ?

Ioan ren Alexandru II of Vatharond is the king that was appointed to Vatharond by Noran council after its rightful king was killed by mountain giants. Though King Ioan has Vathroni ancestry, he is third generation Fainish and so does not have the favor of many of his people.



Unlike all the other historical kings of Vatharond, Ioan is not descended from the Blue Dragon Tribe.

Early years

Son of Rhisiart and Opal Alexandru, Ioan was born in Castle Parch, Ilefain.

Born the second of three brothers and a younger sister. His eldest brother, Robin, died when he was twenty in combat.

During his youth, Ioan met and fell in love with Anabelle Frisure. Ioan's mother, Opal, wouldn't allow the relationship, though they continued to have secret affairs during their youth.


In 1361, when he was nineteen, Ioan took on vows and became a knight of Ilefain. Ioan's duty took him far from Anabelle and they were unable to see each other.

Kingship and rebellion

After the death of Bjergen King in 1367, Nicolas Loria researched the family lines and came to find Ioan was the closest relation to the late Vathroni king. Ioan was crowned King of Vatharond in 1370. He was able to use his new found royal status to marry his childhood love, Anabelle that same year.

Ioan appointed the mysterious Ryszarda the Red as his chief adviser.

In 1377, Ioan's son Prince Haakon Alexandru was born.

Appearance and personality

Ioan is a handsome and charismatic man, winning friends easily. He enjoys tournaments and hunting. Ioan is known for his sense of honor and justice as well as his warmth towards his allies. He is also known to make judgements quick but does not forgive quickly.

He is a tall, handsome man with black hair falling to his shoulders and blue eyes. He keeps his body trim and his thick, jet-black hair long but always neatly combed. He prefers to be clean-shaven. Among his enemies, Ioan has the reputation of having cold eyes.

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