Infernal language

The Infernal language, also called the Infernal tongue, is the language of devils and other denizens of the evil planes.

Devils speak and write Infernal, a painfully rigorous language that formed spontaneously on Asmodeus's stern lips when he landed at the botton of the Pit. Best pronounced with a forked or wriggling tongue. Infernal use mathematically rigid grammar. Only one correct way exists to contruct any given statement in Infernal. Thus, devils are quick to mock non-native speakers. Except when in disguise, they find the urge to correct errors in spoken or written Infernal nearly impossible to resist.

The language's alphabet uses thirty-three geometric glyphs composed entirely of straight lines, plus a second set of numbers and mathematical symbols. It is an ideal language for accounting and recordkeeping, but poor one for philosophy or poetry

Demons, who have little interest in the written word, use a devolved form of the Infernal alphavet. Devils can't look at the demented scrawlings of such beings without wincing at the degradation of their fine, logical script has suffered at teh claws of demonkind.

The Lords of the Nine, the Dark Eight, and most unique devils also speak an archaic form of Ingernal known as Mabrahoring (High Infernal). This rarefied tongue is rarely spoken outside the citadels of Baator. Only unique devils can learn and speak this langauge. Other creatures are incapable of learning it, though magic such as comprehend languages can decipher it as normal.

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