Ileosa of Arcamino
Ileosa-Étienne d'Léon
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Athipel, Ilefain
Date of Birth 1356 NS
Home Los Torres
Aliases ?
Titles Archduchess
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members Ésteban of Arcamino
Occupation Archduchess of Arcamino
Loyalty ?

Archduchess Ileosa-Étienne d'Léon of Arcamino is the current archduchess of Arcamino, Lady of Los Torres and matron of House es'Andoval. She became the ruling archduchess when her husband, Ésteban of Arcamino died in 1377 NS.

Her personal bodyguard is Sabina Merrin.


Early Life

Ileosa d'Léon was born to one of Allure's most powerful families in Athipel. Instead of marrying a wealthy Allurian nobleman, as was expected of her, she rejected her family's authority and moved to Los Torres, scandalizing her family by the abandonment. Archduke Ésteban of Arcamino fell in love with the beautiful young girl, and a scandalously short courtship commenced.

Archduchess Ileosa

She held much of the city in open contempt, and was accordingly not well-liked among the populace. After her husband died, she proceeded to squash any opposition to her ascension, up to and including cutting off Old Los Torres from the mainland.


Ileosa is said to have been an exceptionally beautiful young woman with dark red hair, skin as white as porcelain, and a face that few mortals could equal.

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